After School Program

Dear Parents,
The Fun Zone After School Program is happy to welcome you and your children to a fun, and
educational year of after school activities.  The Program runs from 3:15 PM to 6:00PM Monday
through Friday.  This program is for elementary students in grades K-6.
We are pleased to have your child/children in our program for the 2009-2010 school year.  The
goal of our staff is to provide a safe, fun, recreational, and nurturing, learning environment for
children needing care after the regular school day.  Your child’s well being, happiness and safety
are of utmost importance to us.  
Our mission includes meeting and exceeding all of your children’s individual needs.  We look
forward to an enriching experience full of creativity, exploration, and empowerment as we engage
in this endeavor as a community.  We look forward to watching your children grow socially,
academically, and emotionally.  

Fun Zone After School Program Staff

We have designed a fun, recreational after school program that will help your child develop
appropriately during after school hours.  This program is designed for children in grades K-6.  We
promote children’s creativity, exploration, and independence by offering them choices and
respecting their individuality.  In addition, children will learn to enhance their social interaction
skills using sharing and cooperative peer groups.  This will give children an opportunity to be
constructive listeners and sharers, while learning from others in a community where there is
respect for diversity.  Our goal is to help develop a positive self-esteem, which is a fundamental
building block for every child.  

Our program is focused on both academics and play.  We feel as though play is such an integral
part of our program because it is considered a developmentally appropriate technique where
children learn to explore their environment and relationships, to learn more about themselves.  
Our guidance techniques include positive communication, redirection and built-in limits.  We
provide a fun after school experience through hands-on activities and motor play.  These include
homework assistance, arts and crafts, games, reading, and journaling.  We have established a
safe and fun environment where children will receive extra support as they grow socially,
academically, and emotionally.  

The program is located at the New Hartford Fun Zone Facility at 12 Genesee Street, New Hartford,
NY 13413.  The program begins at 3:15 pm and ends at 6:00 daily. (Monday through Friday)  
Please note, that the after school program abides with the school calendars, therefore being
closed when school is not in session.  However, the facility is open to the public on such days.

§        New Hartford Fun Zone (315) 732-9663
§        Program Director: Erin Schurr (716) 474-4531

Fun Zone staff members are an integral part of our success. They are trained to create an
emotionally and physically safe environment for your child.  You can feel confident that caring and
well-qualified individuals will be supervising your child/children. In addition to having completed a
thorough background check, each staff member is certified in CPR and First Aid.

All students must be pre-registered in order to attend the after school program.  Registration is to
be done in person at the New Hartford Fun Zone.  The cost per week is $80.00.  This is a flat
weekly fee regardless of the frequency of days/hours throughout the week. No payment
adjustments will be made for absences.  Payments are due at the start of each week.  

We ask that you submit written notification, two weeks early, if you find your child will no longer
be attending the program.

There is a $25.00 non-refundable registration fee to be submitted with the application.  

Family Discounts are available for two or more children in the same family.  A discount of 10% per
child will be offered for each additional sibling.  

Payments may be made by cash, credit card, or check.  If paying by check, please note your child’s
name on the check.  There will be a $25.00 charge on all returned checks, and after one returned
check; no further checks will be accepted.  

All students attending the Fun Zone must have a completed application and all other required
paperwork on file, prior to participating.  In addition, please submit a recent photograph of the
child. The application can be dropped off in person, or submitted at our Open House/Parent
Informational Meeting Night (date to be determined).

Children staying late will be supervised, however a late fee will be enforced.  If you know you are
going to be more than 15 minutes late, please call the Fun Zone at (315) 732-9663.  The late fee
policy is strictly enforced.  
First late pick up: 6:01-6:15: $10.00 per child
Second late pick up: 6:01-6:15: $20.00 per child
Subsequent late pick up: 6:01-6:15: $30.00 per child

For each additional 15 minutes, there is an additional $10.00 fee per child.  All late fees are due at
the time of pick up, or prior to sign in the following day.

The Fun Zone has a defined set of emergency plans.  Routine monthly fire drills are performed
with the children in the event of a situation requiring evacuation.

The last Friday of each month, will be utilized to celebrate birthdays, holidays, and other special
occasions with the children.  If you choose not to have your child participate, please inform the
Fun Zone staff.  Your child will be able to partake in other fun activities, during such time.

Please have children dress in clothing that may become soiled due to hands-on activities.  Please
make sure children are always dressed appropriately for any situation.  For safety, children must
wear/ bring socks and sneakers (in order to play on the indoor playground, children need to have
socks on).  No flip-flops, Crocs, or Heelys (“roller shoes”) allowed.  

The Fun Zone operates with the New Hartford School District Calendar.  When school is closed,
the Fun Zone is open to the public, and therefore closed for the After School Program.  In addition,
the after school program will not be in session for early dismissal days nor on days the school
should close early due to inclement weather.  Please make sure you note alternate
arrangements, on your school forms.  

October 12: Columbus Day (closed)
October 22: Early Dismissal (closed)
November 5: Early Dismissal (closed)
November 12: Early Dismissal (closed)
November 17: Early Dismissal (closed)
November 25, 26, 27: Thanksgiving (closed)
December 24-January 3: Winter Recess (closed)
January 18: Martin Luther King Jr. Day (closed)
February 15-19: February Break (closed)
April 2: Good Friday (closed)
April 6: Easter Recess (closed)
April 15: Early Dismissal (closed)
April 19-23: April Break (closed)
May 31: Memorial Day (closed)
June 4: Early Dismissal (closed)
June 11: Early Dismissal (closed)
June 18: Early Dismissal (closed)
June 23: Last day of After School Program

Youngsters are not allowed to bring trading cards or any electronic device to the program.  Please
note that we are not responsible for any belongings that are lost or broken while attending the
program.  Cell phones are permitted for emergency use only, but must be turned off and kept in
the child’s backpack.

The Fun Zone’s routine is a guideline to help parents and children know what to expect on a daily
basis.  However, the planned activities for each time slot may vary.  Frequently, children are asked
to give their input during the planning stages.  Staff will plan fun activities around a theme each
month.  When first introducing this theme, each student will create a KWL chart.  This chart will be
completed by the student who first lists what they already know about the topic (K), followed by
what they want to learn about the topic (W).  This input will be used when planning and
implementing the activities.  Following the unit, students will complete the (L) section where they
will collaboratively discuss what they learned about the topic.  This is a wonderful way for
students to become involved, and interact with peers in a learning environment.

Sample Routine Schedule: (may vary)
3:15-3:30        Sign in/Nutritious Snack                        
3:30-4:00        Indoor Playground Time            5:00-5:15        Reading/Story time
4:00-4:30        Homework Help                         5:15-5:30        Exercise
4:30-5:00        Enrichment                                5:30-6:00        Games/Sign out

Fun Zone “Free Fridays” will include movies, lazer tag, pizza and unlimited play on the indoor
playground.  In addition, the arcade games will be turned on, if you choose to send your child in
with quarters to play the games.  This is a nice way to end the week, by offering the children an
incentive for their hard work throughout the week.  It allows staff and children to interact and just
have fun!!

Children will be provided with a healthy snack and drink after school, to promote healthy food
choices in young children.  Children are expected to stay seated while eating and use table
manners.  Snack time encompasses a time for students to socialize with both staff and peers.
Parents may send snack with their children, but we ask that it is only eaten during the designated
snack time.  The Fun Zone is a PEANUT FREE ZONE.  Please do not send any food items with your
child that may contain peanut products.  Parents are welcome to provide treats for special
occasions, however ingredients must be included, due to food allergies.  Please speak with the
program director in advance.

The program director will contact parents/guardians should their child become ill or injured while
attending the program.  The program director will fill out an emergency pick-up form that the
parent/guardian will be asked to sign.  If the parent/guardian is not available, the director would
then contact persons listed on the emergency information sheet.  Should a child require
immediate emergency medical treatment, the child’s emergency information sheet would be given
to the emergency services personnel and the child would be transported to the hospital listed on
the sheet.

Please keep children home if they are ill or contagious.  Keeping the child home at least 24 hours
free from fever or vomiting is a good guideline.  If your child comes down with chicken pox or
contracts lice, you must inform the Fun Zone director.  A child needs to be completely nit free prior
to returning to the program.  

Should your child become ill while at the facility, they will be able to rest in a designated quiet
section of the Fun Zone.  This will allow the child to stay comfortable while waiting for a
parent/guardian to pick them up.   

Any medicine that is to be administered to your child must be done before or after the After School
Program Hours.  We will not be responsible for administering any medicine.  

To ensure the safety of our participants and staff, the after school program will be closed if the
school district closes school due to snow or other conditions.  Contact the Fun Zone at (315) 732-
9663 for updated information.  If the Fun Zone is cancelled due to inclement weather, there will
NOT be a make up day scheduled or a per day refund provided.

The Fun Zone reserves the right to suspend or terminate a child from the After School Program for
consistent inappropriate behavior, or delinquency in payment.  The director in conjunction with the
parent/guardian of the child will determine Suspension/termination.  

The rules we base our mission on, include SAFETY, TEAMWORK, and FUN!  Children are expected
to follow our collectively made rules and be respectful towards all others.  Our staff will follow
specific and consistent procedures to alleviate any problematic behaviors. These procedures will
include redirection to positive behavior, verbal warnings, and time away from an activity.

When children are released from their classrooms, they should walk to the designated location.  
Once at the Fun Zone, attendance will be taken.  Even though this is a flat weekly fee program, if
your child will not be attending on a certain day(s) each week, please let us know in advance.  In
addition, please notify us if your child leaves school early due to illness, so we are not expecting
them at the program.  Parents/guardians will be contacted immediately if a child does not show
up to the program.

When parents come to pick up their child, they must sign them out.  If someone other than the
parent is going to pick the child up, make sure that individual is listed on the authorization section
of the application.  If not, we must be informed of a pick up change, IN WRITING.  Also, please
notify staff of the change before the designated pick up time.  Any adult picking up a child will be
required to show identification to ensure the safety of each child.  

We are pleased to be able to offer this service and will make ever effort to make your child’s
experience a positive one.  Please feel free to contact us @ Kid’s Fun Zone with any questions or
concerns you may have at 732-ZONE (9663).

Finally, we would like to thank you for allowing us the opportunity to get to know you and your
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